Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Simply click on the question to find out the answer. If you have a question that isn't answered here, or require more information - please contact us

What is your hourly rate?

At KISS Freelance, we find the most cost-effective way is a price-per-task basis. This ensures you are getting exactly what you paid for you and you’re never grossly overcharged.

When it comes to tasks that aren’t able to be priced this way, however, we are more than happy to negotiate an hourly rate.

Do you have any testimonials? 

Yes, you can find out what our brilliant clients have to say at our testimonials page.

Do you have any writing samples?

Yes we do, you can find our portfolio here with lots of examples of our previous work. If you’re looking for something in particular, just send us an email and we’ll find a sample that is closest to your brief.

Remember, every writing project is different just as each client is. We tailor all work to the individual client’s needs to ensure you receive copy that perfectly fits your brief.

Is a quick turnaround a problem?

Often times we are booked well in advance, so leaving tasks to the last minute isn’t a good idea. For good copy, a lot of time needs to be spent researching, writing, reading, generating ideas and editing – thus you need to give us some time to deliver your project. Sometimes we are able to meet a tight deadline, though this is not guaranteed.

Is website content really important?

When it comes to a website, there’s no point in having it look brilliant if it has no substance. Web design and web content need to work together in order to achieve great results. This is why, at KISS Freelance, we work with Web Designers so that we can assure everything works together seamlessly.

Can you design and create my website?

Yes, at KISS Freelance we work with a number of brilliant web designers and artistic directors so that we can work together to create an incredible website for you. We can create a combined package which includes web design and web content so that you can have everything handled by the one company.

My content isn’t too great; can you edit my existing content?

Most definitely! We commonly do website revamps to polish existing content in order for your website to achieve better results. This means tailoring web content to suit your target market, using search engine optimization techniques and ensuring that it’s both easy to read and informative.

Do you charge per page for websites?

As each website has different requirements, we don’t have a price-per-page when it comes to web content. This is because some websites may only need two lines of content on a page, whilst another needs 700 words – if we charged per page, the person with only a small amount of content would be grossly overcharged and that’s not how we like to work!

Send us an email so that we can back to you with a free personalised quote.

Do you have experience in my industry?

We have written for numerous companies across the globe in a broad range of industries, so chances are, we do have experience writing within your sector.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of improving your websites visibility and ranking in unpaid (also known as natural or organic) search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What SEO Tasks can you do?

All of our online content is Search Engine Optimised as we complete extensive keyword research for every project. We are also available to help you with off-page SEO tactics such as press releases, articles, reviews and social media.

Can I get a quote?

Yes, we will happily provide you with a free personalised quote. Just give us an outline of your project and we will get back to you ASAP. If we need some more information, we’ll send you through our quick questionnaire to ensure we provide you with an accurate quote.

How can I pay you?

Whilst we prefer payment through direct bank deposit, we are also able to accept payment through PayPal. Customers paying through PayPal are required to pay an additional 2% of the project total in order to cover PayPal fees.

We require a deposit payment before work on the project begins, with the rest of balance being paid on completion of the project.

Can we meet face to face?

Certainly, if you’re in Sydney, we will happily arrange to meet you to talk about your project in person. If you are located outside of Sydney a meeting can be arranged, however, travel expenses will need to be covered.

How many revisions of content do you include?

Generally, we find that you need no more than one round of edits in order to ensure your content is perfect. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide content that is perfect the first time, however, we know that sometimes your ideas may change and we allow up to two rounds of edits. This is also the same with Social Media Design.

Do I own the content?

Yes, once the project is paid for completely and handed back to you, all copyright is handed over as well. You are then free to use the content for as long as you like and whatever you want to use it in.

Do you take on every project?

No, whilst we would love to have staff who could take on every single project that comes to us, it’s just not possible. We aim to deliver 110% satisfaction every time and if we feel that for any reason this could not be delivered, we want to ensure that you can find someone else who can. It is, for this reason, that we currently do not complete any “White Papers” or Technical Documents at KISS Freelance.

How will I receive the writing work?

When we send you the files for review, the documents are sent as a *pdf file. We find the majority of our clients prefer to have their finished documents sent in a Word format, so this is how our work is commonly sent after final payment is received, however, other options are available.

Where do you hold meetings?

The KISS Freelance Offices are in Oatley, NSW. We are always happy to schedule meetings at our offices, however, we are also happy to arrange a meeting time at somewhere convenient for you.